Where have I studied? What have I studied? Learn more about my experience in education. For additional information, please download my Curriculum Vitae or Resume located in the footer section of this website.


Education & Degrees

I have attended a number of higher education institutions beginning with Wake Forest University and concluding at the University of Virginia. I have learned a lot about education along the way, and my career in education has made me a better teachers, student, and learner.


Graduate Coursework

I have spent a lot of time studying elementary education and instructional technology. As I entered new programs and areas of interest, I enrolled in more advanced research methods classes and pursued my passion for MakerEd.


Projects in Education

I am very passionate about projects that spark excitement and encourage students to re-think what they know about a subject area. Whether it’s using microcontrollers to study the environment or combining an Xbox Kinect and Scratch to make games for PE classrooms, I thrive at the intersection of creativity and traditional learning.


Technology Knowledge

I have spent years thinking about the effective use of technology to support teaching and learning. This includes analyzing technologies as unique tools as well as the pedagogical approaches that promote the types of growth that is necessary in a 21st century classroom.